Know Thy Enemy, Destroy Thy Enemy

Mission 2 Part 5: The Cleansing of Aurum
Thought for the Day: Purity demands sacrifice.

From the Journals of Sallust Azaleh, Kill Team Pallas Apothecary

The contents of the Heretek’s cave have been analyzed and reviewed, and I believe that Brother Heinrick will be destroying the Heretek’s equipment forthwith. While he and Brother Vilhjamhr explored the cave looking for other pieces of Heretical technology and evidence to help explain the presence of these Xenos in the Heretek’s Dekavane Crystal mine, Brothers Valentinus, Teporus, Angus and I began working out a strategy for dealing with the primary infestation at Grensvayl.

Our plan, cobbled together from the tactical doctrines of Brother Angus’ knowledge of Assault Doctrines and Brother Teporus’ knowledge of Defensive Doctrines and seasoned liberally with my own knowledge of the Liber Stellae Cruentes and Brother Librarian Valentinus’s own experience with the Hive Beasts. Brother Viljhamhr added a few notes of sage and cagey wisdom to the discussion after his analysis of the site was concluded, and Brother Librarian Valentinus adopted a plan. Brother Angus and I, as the two most fleet of our band, would proceed to the northwest of the village, using grenades and suppressive fire to draw attention towards us, while Brothers Heinrick, Vilhjamhr, Teporus, and Valentinus will move as swiftly as practicable to the stone stables in the Southeast corner of the village to create a defensive bastion from which to hold the Xenos at bay while Brother Angus and I harried the villagers and Xenos into the firing lanes for our Devastator and Tactical Marines to crush with the support of Valentinus’ Smite and Heinrick’s Flamer.

Brother Angus, apparently enraged by his earlier missteps, took to the skies on wings of flame, crashing down through the roof of one of the village outbuildings and tossing an Astartes Incendiary Grenade through the roof of the neighboring building,setting it ablaze. For my part, I blitzed across the bridge and tossed one of my Astartes Frag Grenades into the closest building. As the remainder of the Kill Team rushed to the building we dubbed strong point Camerone, after an ancient tactic in the Liber Stellar Cruentes, Xenos began threatening our flank from the orchard across the river. Brother Valentinus paused to Smite the foul beasts, giving Brothers Vilhjamher, Teporus, and Heinrick time to reach the Strongpoint, while Angus and I continued to strike at the village and sow destruction among the tainted peoples there.

Hearing the Brother Librarian’s enraged cry when the remains of the first Xeno Horde engaged him, I turned to assist, charging in and slaying several of the beasts and sending them into disarray. Brother Valentinus crushed the rest of the Tyranids while some of the merely human inhabitants tried vainly to pierce the armour of Brother Heinrick. Berserk fury appears to have overtaken Angus as he launched himself yet again into the skies to strike a ferocious blow at the tainted men of Grensvayl.

Our enemies defeated for the moment, we fell back to prepare for the second wave, and it emerged only moments after Brother Teporus began his Suppressing Fire, and Brothers Vilhjamhr, Heinrick, and Angus engulfed the orchard in cleansing flame. The Genestealers had the worst of it as they emerged from their lair into a hail of Bolter fire, promethium, and rage. They were soon decimated, and then destroyed. Several of the Xenos made it close enough to scratch me, but the Emperor’s Grace and my training saved me from another ignominious raking blow by the vile beasts. Soon, the Xenos lay dead alongside their formerly Human thralls, and the Broodlord was sent back to the foul Xenos hells that spawned it. All that remains is for us to gather samples, secure the area, complete the purge, and report our success to the Caele.

I suspect that the Watch Captain will be pleasantly surprised at our successes here, and I can only surmise that this will mean another, more difficult, task for us to complete. We would not have it any other way…

Mission 2 Part 4 - Assault on Grensvayl
Thought for the Day: Overconfidence is the first step on the road to ruination.

Our forced march to Grensvayl was mostly uneventful, and my efforts to scout ahead of the main body of Kill Team Pallas proved routine in the main. Sadly this routine led me to violate one of the Proscriptions of Romii. The Liber Ars Stellae dictates that a scout must never be off his guard, and when in hostile territory should test choke points by striking them at the main to trigger any ambushes. I neglected this to my own detriment, and I can only thank the Emperor that my inattention to the Proscriptions did not lead to the loss of any of my Battle Brothers, though for Brother Heinrick it was a near thing indeed.

Ambushed upon the bridge into Grensvayl, I sustained heavy damage to my right leg which, had it been only marginally worse, would have hampered my ability to run back to my allies. Sadly the Genestealers were my match and more in terms of speed and I had to endure still more strikes of their horrible rending talons. Brother Hendrick roused the beasts’ ire through the use of his Flamer and earned him the attention of the vicious beasts and gave me the space to disengage and move to the line, dropping a frag grenade in my wake that dealt the Xenos a dramatic blow. Brothers Teporus and Vilhjamhr covered the enemy in bolter fire while Brother Librarian Valentinus struck a mighty blow with the force of his mind. Brother Angus, landing slightly off target, managed to get the Xenos to surround him, affording him the opportunity to slay all around him. Brother Heinrick took wounds, though nowhere near as grievous as my own, but in the end the Emperor saw fit not to punish us for my inattention, though I can only say that this is further reminder as to why I should never again be graced with command.

We crossed the bridge after taking samples and burning the remains of the beasts, and entered the outskirts of Grensvayl. As we approached the village, we noted that there was a small homestead far away from the village proper, and so we decided to investigate that building first. The occupants, who were surprised by Brother Heinrick’s use of the Kuhl’ahdiman tactic of entry through unexpected means, in this case a wall on the East side of the building, turned out to be the last survivors of the Caele’s doomed expedition to cleanse the village of Xenos taint. They confirmed the presence of the Heretek that we had been led to believe was in the area, describing him as being near a cave on the mesa. The survivors also indicated that the Master Beast, a creature that Brother Librarian Valentinus calls a Broodlord, may have been wounded in the battle with the Caele’s retainers. We decided to pursue this avenue of investigation, hoping to capture or kill the Heretek at the cave lest he escape Imperial justice and flee through the use of a spacecraft secreted in the cave.

We found a group of enthralled villagers in the cave, along with the corpse of the Heretek, and used the mining Melta to fend off a larger assault by thralls and Genestealers. Brother Angus proved himself more than their equal hand-to-hand while the rest of Kill Team Pallas provided covering fire from the cave. Our intention is to hold this ground and investigate the area as thoroughly as possible as to determine the nature of this infestation and its link to the Heretek. Brother Heinrick will also wish to perform some experiments with the dekavane crystals found in the cave.

Strange though it sounds, I find myself liking the militant Techmarine in spite of the enmity between my Chapter and the Adeptus Mechanicus and their Machine Cult. While his hatred of those gifted with Psykers by the divine will of the Emperor may put us at odds, I find him an inquisitive sort and a kindred spirit in terms of learning and exploring our environment. Still, I must take care not to trust too deeply in a man educated in the bowls of that pit of treacherous vipers known as the Cult Mechanicus.

Mission 2 Part 3 - Infestation of Aurum
Thought for the Day: A prison is only as strong as its weakest gaoler

The Caele has been justly and rightly impressed by the results of our Trial, though how could he not be given the spectacle that we presented to the people of Haistand upon our triumphant return from the Reaving Canyon. Clad only in loincloths and handling primitive weapons out of some ludicrous epic poem, we fought and killed the Diablodon. My initial findings on the creature, as well as the results of some preliminary testing and my observations of the butchering of the beast by the locals are appended (Ancillary Material: Diablodon Necropsy, Diablodon Notes, Diablodon Findings, Theratryx Necropsy, ). At Brother Vilhjamhr’s suggestion, the hide of the beast is being fashioned to adorn our armour. While I find such displays distasteful and barbaric, I cannot but think that the locals will approve. What our Watch Captain will think of this, I am at a loss to guess, but Vilhjamhr assures me that Brother-Captain Hamilcar will be impressed with our trappings.

We have gathered a great amount of information, including knowledge of where Sister Racquiel became infected, but let us begin with a complete accounting of facts for further diagnosis of the infestation on Aurum.

Primus – We have discovered that the ‘Malissector’ menace is, indeed, a menace of Xenos classification. The classification has been confirmed by our report as Tyranid, sub-species Genestealer. Detailed information on Xenos phsyiology and complete necropsy of creatures killed in the incident at the Black Pits Penal Colony are appended. With confirmation comes action. The Caele, in recognition of our success in overcoming the trial and returning to the city with the entire corpse of the Diablodon, has granted us a free hand to deal with the Infestation as we see fit.

Secondus – The Caele has been attempting to quarantine several settlements whose behaviours have changed radically over the past few months. The centre and source of these changes appears to be the city of Grensvayl. It has become apparent that the Genestealer infestation likely had its genesis in this city and has been spreading its corrupting tendrils out from there since its inception. The Caele understands the danger of the Infestation, though its scope and truth were hidden from him. The fact that he has become more trusting of our Imperial forces will do him credit in the future.

Tertius – The Caele has been quarantining persons believed to be infected in a penal barracks called the Black Pits. Apparently they harvest Prometheum in these pits, likely for use in siege warfare as they have no technological uses for the substance. The prison is run by an Aurum named Karthun. Additional information on the Prison Colony and our findings there have been appended.

Quartus – Sister Racquiel has apparently been in contact with the prisoners, having sneaked away to perform her ministrations on them and grant them succour. Though it pains me to criticize one whose devotion and adherence to the more gentle persuasions of the Imperial Creed, I must perforce admit that her actions, though foolhardy, provided the impetus for our investigation. Had the Sister not been engaged on her foolish errands of mercy it is likely that Aurum would have fallen from within.

Heuristic parse dictated that we investigate the Black Pits first due to its proximity to the city, and so we accompanied one of the groups of prisoners down to the penal colony. As we attempted to begin an examination of the prisoners to determine the extent of the infection, we were beset by both Xenos and Guards led by Kathun. The Genestealers charged viciously at us, dealing grave wounds to Brothers Vilhkamhr and Teporus, however Brother Angus plunged from the sky in a jet of fire and fury to smash the Xeno filth flat. My Brothers quickly dispatched the few remaining guards, and as some of the prisoners sought to escape, I fired a few rounds into them. I then launched into a speech calculated to bring Aurum further into the Imperial fold.

“I do not care who you were or how you came to be here. I do not care what has happened to you before. Who you were is gone, you belong to the Emperor now, and he shall evermore be first in your thoughts and your duty. From this day forth you will be the seeds of a new people of Aurum, you will be the Guard, and you will do your people honor and fight for the Emperor. There is no other choice.”

The Brigadier has taken possession of the prisoners and begun inducting them into his anemic Guard unit, slating his current regulars to act as sergeants to the new recruits. The Caele, though hesitant to allow the Imperials to expand their influence, seems to understand that he cannot hope to defend against this insidious threat unaided, and will allow the Guard to begin aiding in his night watches and patrols where their equipment may well help repulse any further attempts at infiltration by the Tyrannic enemy.

Kill Team Pallus has begun to gel together more thoroughly over the past few days, and I can only credit the hunt for the Diablodon as having no small part in this. Brother Vilhjamhr is the hearty laugh that keeps us all in check, livening our discussions with an earthy tone and a bonhomie that one cannot help but admire. Brother Librarian Valentinus is calm and quiet, preferring us to carry on discussion to better inform his decisions as Squad Leader, but engaging his will forcefully when called upon. Brother Teporus, dour and stern, stands like a beacon among us, daring us not to live up to his expectations. Brother Angus, mercurial and impish, sees a challenge and cannot but rise to it. Brother Heinrick… I never thought that I would find myself enjoying the company of a worshiper of the Omnissiah, but the Black Templar uses logic and reason in a way that would be a credit to my own Chapter. Amazingly, I have not felt more at home among peers even in my own Crimson Suns. On the morrow we head North to Grensvayl, and it is there that we shall meet the progenitors of this infestation and burn them out of the Emperor’s world.

Mission 2 Part 2 - The Secrets of Aurum
Thought for the Day: Those with nothing to hide have nothing to fear.

+ Excerpted from the journals of Deathwatch Apothecary Sallust Azaleh of the Crimson Suns Chapter +

We set down on Aurum and it is every bit as bad as I had feared. Backwards, barbaric, uncivilized, and decidedly not as cleanly as the ship we arrived in. I hesitate to say it, but this beastly little world is a perfect fit for the likes of Brothers Angus and Vilhjamhr, and I find myself in the unenviable position of being in total agreement with Brother Heinrick. Brother Valentinus seems unfazed, though one would expect this of a Cursor, and Brother Teporus is as unreadable as ever beneath his mask of scars, but I rather suspect that the grim visaged Devastator approves of this world unreservedly. For myself I will not be taking my helmet off unless it is absolutely necessary.

Upon our arrival at the Imperial Guard Barracks, a term I use with great reservation and more than a bit of shame given its pathetic size and composition of twelve bedraggled infantrymen, the Brigadier took over command and we interviewed his ‘regiment’. Though we found out very little from the Guardsmen, Sergeant Jenkins advised us that the locals feared a beast called a ‘malesector’. Cursor Valentinus and I agree that this ‘malesector’ is likely the local name for the Tyranid Hive Beast that we believe to be infiltrating this world to prepared it for the depredations of Hive Fleet Dagon.

Upon leaving the Guardsmen’s humble ‘barracks’, we encountered a group of locals engaged in sparring and mock combat trials. The locals look almost as though they could be the long lost kin of of our Tactical Marine and our Assault Marine, being large, burly, barbarously barbed, and mainly unkempt. After watching for a few moments, I approached the instructor of the group, a Shield-Bearer Zayr, and advised him that we would be honored to provide an example of our martial skill using their practice weapons. Angus and Vihjamhr took up the native arms and proceeded to duel, the the Storm Warden winning fairly handily in despite of the Space Wolf’s rather brilliant parrying. The Aurumites were satisfied and I believe that we have earned a small measure of good will from these doughty warriors.

Henrick was most insistent that we advance our cause and go to examine the corpse of Sister Hospitalier Racquiel. Though I failed to see the rush, the body had been on the slab for weeks at the minimum, Cursor Valentinus agreed and we made our way to Ecclesiarchy’s bastion on Aurum: The Word of Faith. In the Commercial area leading to the Word of Faith we encountered a merchant selling a weapon most unusual: A Genestealer Claw Knife! The hapless merchant, confronted with an irate Brother Teporus and an even angrier Brother Heinrick, quickly volunteered the source of the item as a man named Heydal, who comes from outside of Haistand. This mendicant has not been seen in some months, though. Brother Vilhjamhr in an act of charity, bartered one of his many necklaces of fangs for the talons. Apparently the merchant adjudged this to be a more than fair trade.

Near the Word of Faith, we encountered the missionary, Brother Marius, who was being beset by local thugs. Our arrival forestalled further incident, and Brother Marius brought us to the body of Sister Racquiel. A thorough examination and recording determined that the Sister Hospitalier had received a Genestealer’s kiss. Heuristic parse dictates that she took her own life in order to prevent her now defiled and corrupted body from serving the nefarious Hive creatures that infected her. Likely this was her only way to get the message that there were terrible things afoot here out to the Deathwatch. Her sacrifice and martyrdom will be remembered.

After ensuring that the Guard had not been similarly corrupted, we took them on an excursion to a ruined Temple, that we discovered was a shrine to the Old Gods of the Aurum. These Old Gods were none-other than the Primarchs of our various Astartes chapters! This revelation would definitely help bridge the gap and bring the Aurum closer to proper obeisance to the Administratum and the Ecclesiarchy, as is only right and proper.

Fearing that the CUlt may have penetrated the highest ranks of this society, Brother Librarian Valentinus decided on a course that would test the highest echelons of their society. We went forth to present a gift to the Caele of the Aurum, a set of Genestealer Talon Knives. The reactions of the Caele and his court would tell us all that we needed to know. Brother Valentinus was right.

We were met in the antechamber by none-other than Shield-Bearer Zayr. Though I had thought the title a low one, perhaps belonging to a sergeant or small warband leader, Brother Vilhjamhr explained that the title is basically one belonging to a warlord or general. His reaction to the talons was quite illuminating. Shame! My initial diagnosis has proven accurate: The Aurum will not allow outsiders past Haistand due to their shame at their inability to deal with the threat. Seeing an opportunity to continue to advance our secondary objective of securing better relations with the Aurumites, I immediately jumped upon this revelation and shifted the honour-debt from the savage warlord to use, as representatives of the Old Gods and of the Emperor. It was our duty to extend the Emperor’s Protection to all Mankind, and we must now go forth and destroy the abominations that corrupt the Emperor’s faithful and restore our honour. The Shield-Bearer took this with a great degree of gratitude, and so too did the Caele when we were admitted to see him. Journeying to the infestation in the North required us to undergo a ritual initiation, though, and this would prove problematic for several of us.

I have had to swallow my distaste and discomfort and strip my armour off and abandon the weapons of civilization for, of all things, a spear. We all similarly removed our armour and accoutrements and donned local garb and weapons to travel into the blasted environs of the local Reaving Canyon to hunt something called a Diablodon. I am hoping to be able to retrieve the carcass for study, along with the bodies of any of the other wildlife foolish enough to annoy a squad of Marines in a hurry.

We managed to destroy a nest of Theratryx, and I intend to harvest at least a few samples of the creatures before we leave this benighted Canyon. We made our way to the Diablodon’s lair, and made a plan certain to maximize our effectiveness, even with these primitive weapons. I would, as the stealthiest, penetrate the beast’s lair and get its attention via surprise attack. Once the creature was engaged and enraged, I would goad it out into the open, where my Brotehrs would fall upon the hapless beast. Our next step would be to put this plan into action…

Mission 2 Part 1 - En Route to Aurum
Thought for the Day: The Emperor sees all and forgives naught

+++From the Journals of Brother Apothecary Sallust Azaleh, Crimson Suns Chapter on detached duty with Deathwatch Kill Team Pallas+++

We boarded the Horizon’s Pride today, taking passage to the recently re-integrated system of Orum, deep in the Jericho Reach. Our mission is to determine the nature of threat on the surface and deal with it in such a way as to ensure the smooth and proper realignment of Aurum from independence to Imperial rule.

Rogue Trader Diaz Lan, a merchant and scoundrel deep in the service of the Inquisition when not finding his way to profit from the Crusade, informed us that there were a number of peculiarities with the world and people of Aurum. I shall enumerate those issues that struck me statistically significant.

Issue 1 – The Aurum survived the long interregnum between the lapse of contact with the Empire and the Jericho Crusade mostly intact and not beset by Xenos or Daemons. This, while hardly unique, is quite unusual and cause for further investigation given the advance states of corruption and Xenos influence in the Reach.

Issue 2 – There have been a number of disappearances, both locals and Imperial Citizens, and ‘animal attacks’ or ‘random acts of violence’. As this is a warrior culture, this is hardly unexpected, however the quantity and nature of the attacks appears somewhat suspect. In addition these bodies are quickly disposed of through cremation with no reason or discussion from the Aurum.

Issue 3 – The Aurum will not allow off-worlders outside of their capital city. This is decidedly suspicious, even for a Void-born Marine like myself. Granted the entire idea of living in a vast area with uncontrollable atmospherics and a life-sustainer based on flora and ‘natural phenomena’ seems foolish to me, but the fact remains that on most planets one can move across the surface without undue issue. The fact that this is a concern of the Aurum indicates that either they are hiding something outside the cities or they are desperately afraid of something outside the cities. Given their martial culture, the latter is quite likely given the shame that would attach to their inability to deal with the issue on their own, however one cannot discount the former.

Issue 4 – A Sister Hospitalier was found dead in her chapel. Ostensibly, this is the primary reason that we have been dispatched, however it seems to me to be more a symptom of the overall problems present on Aurum that have been glossed over by over-ambitious officials of the Administratum. By any course, the fact remains that the Sister Hospitalier’s apparent suicide is certainly not characteristic of their order, and merits more directed scrutiny.

A diagnosis using the standard process of heuristic parse has dictated the logical extrapolation of the data, to whit: the planet may be under threat from a Gene Stealer Cult. Cursor Valentinus… pardon, Brother Librarian Valentinus, has been placed in command of our Kill Team due to his experience with these particular vile Xenos, and we are proceeding based singularly on his recommendation. Apparently during a boarding action on a space hulk, Cursor Valentinus distinguished himself against these creatures, I only hope that his experiences were not the mirror of my own, as those have rendered me unfit for command.

We departed on the Horizon’s Pride, and almost immediately upon the commencement of our voyage we began to note several oddities about the vessel. Though well maintained for a ship not serving my Chapter, the Horizon’s Pride has an excessive number of Servitors manning posts throughout the ship. These Servitors, it turned out, would be problematic. I am getting ahead of myself, though.

During our tour of the vessel, I made note of a crewman in the brig, a worthy by the name of Kohl Bennex. The lad had been imprisoned on charge of murder and was to be brought before Captain’s Mast before execution. He plead to me that the death of the Chief Enginseer was an accident caused when said Mechanicus Acolyte rushed him on a catwalk after Bennex inquired about a malfunctioning Servitor.

I brought this information to our Cursor, and he read the Emperor’s Tarot to determine a course of action while I contacted Techmarine Heinrick. Surprisingly, while I had expected a rebuff and little traction or assistance from the Black Templar I was rewarded with full cooperation. Perhaps there is room for rapprochement with the members of the Cult Mechanicus, but I will not put too much stock in members of that cult until it has been proved that they hold not my entire Chapter in abeyance. Together we charted a course to uncover the truth behind the strange actions and gibberings of the Servitors.

Brother Librarian Valentinus, I must get used to using that title as he does not seem to recognize the title of Cursor, had completed his divinations when Trader Diaz Lan and his Seneschal, Veyoris Akioh, came down the very hallway that the Cursor had seen danger emerge from. At this point we were joined by Brother Vilhjamhr and Brother Teporus. It took but a moment for our leader to ascertain that the Seneschal was a rogue Psyker, and we bent our not inconsiderable will to ensuring that the psyker not be allowed to the bridge, where he could cause untold havoc among the Navigators and Astropaths with his wild talents. In order to find the cause of the unlucky creature’s sudden transformation from cargomaster to budding sorcerer we examined the relics of Diaz Lan’s sanctioned collection, and though the Helix Gauntlet and several Tomes seemed interesting, we were unable to draw a direct correlation between access to the items and the sudden manifestation of psychic phenomena in the Seneschal. This is a pity as a proper diagnosis and course of application may have provided invaluable benefit to the Red Star Fleet and the Red Star herself.

With this issue resolved for the moment, pending more thorough dissection of the facts, we turned our attention to the Enginseers and the Engineering Deck’s Servitors. An examination by Brother Heinrick and Brother Librarian Valentinus determined that the mechanical wretches were, in fact, succumbing to the malign influences of the Warp, a dark discovery which led to a fracas in the Engine Room between our number and the mutinous mechanisms. My new Brothers fought well and bravely, using their strengths to turn the tide against the rebellious robot-men, and soon the peril was abated.

Eventually we made our way to Aurum where we hope to begin our investigations. Brother-Captain Hamilcar has brought us a new addition to Kill Team Pallas, a Storm Warden Assault Marine by the name of Angus Morgan. This new fellow has quickly integrated himself and made a friend in Vilhjamhr over their shared fondness for drink. I am unsure if I should tell them that their physiology prevents such comestibles from having any effect other than the purely psychological, though I am sure that in their deep subconscious they already know this and simply wish to play at the charade of mortality… unless they are drinking pure battery acid and strychnine, in which case all bets are off.

I look forward to our Cursor’s leadership on Aurum, even though I surely do not look forward to descending to the planet…

Mission 1-Recon of Sedu

Begin Mission Report
Team Leader: Watch Captain Hamilcar Shafat
Position: Commanding Officer of Kill-Team Pallas
To: Watch Commander Mordigael

Primary Objective: Investigate Ork Presence on Sedu and investigate sudden increase in Ork organization and weaponry effectiveness.
Secondary Objective: Destroy local Ork leadership.
Tertiary Objective: Obtain a sample of X-1749.

Erioch Standard Time: 0723

Planetfall on Sedu was made via Drop Pod from Deathwatch Cruiser Vigilant. Brother-Apothecary Sallust Azaleh is found to have a dislike for Drop Pods, a quirk of his Chapter. Refereed to it as being ‘shot at the planet’, and had asked where Teleportarium was. Curious contrast with Brother Vilhajnir and the Space Wolves’ known dislike for Teleportariums. Will need to investigate farther. Landed at Drop Point Theta with no incident.

Led squad, through rocky field. Squad came across two mobs of Orks (Shoota and Choppa) arguing. With cover, both groups were quickly destroyed. Brother Vicero skillfully wielded Heavy Bolter in controlling and destroying the Ork mobs, including 2 Nobs. Orks had come to investigate drop pod insertion looking for salvage. Ork presence confirmed to be inside canyons as suspected.

Erioch Standard Time: 0733

I gave decision on how to proceed to team to test consensus. Differences in personality and Chapter demeanor showed up but were resolved amicably. Decision made to proceed through canyon rather than risk falling from height.

Erioch Standard Time: 0830

Brother Techmarine Heinrich came under heavy fire from Ork ‘Lootas’ on top of cliff. Brother Vilhajnir, in an unorthodox but well-executed move, threw a Krak Grenade onto a small cliff face beneath the Orks’ position. Cliff was brought down, most Orks killed by impact, including one of the Big Meks sent to be assassinated. Big Mek kill claimed by Brother Vicero. Large dust cloud formed and the sound of an Ork voice heard nearby. Kill team encounters an Ork Squig-Herder with a large herd of Squigs. Rather than waste ammunition, Brother Heinrich launches rock (Mechanicus quirk?) at Squig Herder, picking him out. Squig Herder is dispatched, but Squigs begin to go mad. Brother Valentinus, had the brilliant idea to psychically compel the Squigs to return to their pens, leading team to Ork hideout.

Erioch Standard Time: 0925

Squigs are surprisingly fast. Central camp found and met with heavy resistance, including another Big Mek, 1 mob of Choppa Orks, 1 mob of Shoota Orks, and 1 mob of Lootas. Squigs cause great disruption and even kill some Orks. A long gun battle emerges. Fortunately, these Orks are particularly bad marksmen (for Orks). Brother Sallust destroys Big Mek with well placed Bolter Burst. Brother Vicero and myself engaged Lootas and Shootas while the rest of the squad targeted the Choppas. Brother Heinrich takes wound to head while Brother Vilhajnir takes a wound to his left leg, though neither are critical. I charge into fray to extricate squad as Vicero methodically destroys the other Hordes. Though battle is long, victory is assured. This long battle does remind me that our team still needs a melee specialist. It is unfortunate Brother Samm’uel was called away in perpetuity to the Good Samaritan incident.

Erioch Standard Time: 1113

Ork cave complex is searched. Brothers Heinrich and Sallust take possession of large sample of X-1749 found by Orks. Brothers Vicero, Vilhajnir, and Valentinus discover weapon caches and an extremely crude Ork starmap. Weapon caches are found to be mostly Tau and surprisingly new. Possibility of more direct Tau involvement a possibility. Must investigate farther.

Erioch Standard Time: 1330

Sample brought to Thunderhawk. Extraction complete with all objectives fulfilled and no loss of material. Mission Complete.

Thought for the Day: He who has nothing can still have faith.

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