Valentinus Clario

Librarian of the Blood Angels' Third Company, 'The Ironhelms'


Physical Description: straight blond hair, beautific face marred only with a straight line scar on right cheek.

Librarian, Rank 1
Chapter Demeanor: The Red Thirst
Personal Demeanor: Proud
WS 54 (59)
BS 43 (48)
S 40 (60)*
T 39
Ag 45
Int 45
Per 42
WP 50
Fel 45

Power armor history- Mark V Armor – A Hero’s Shame (+5 WS, +5 BS, -10 command tests), MK 8 Elements (chest)

Chapter Trapping- Blood Pendant (+13 bonus test w/ fate point)



The only salvation to shed ones makeshift radsuit and leave the red rust desert planet of Baal Secundus is to join the noble, beautific Blood Angels and fight the enemies of Emperor and Mankind across the galaxy. Amongst the pureblood human tribes, having fended off mutants and savage cannibals, view the Blood Angels as a true Angelic Host. Tribal elders whisper tales of famed Blood Angels, past and present. Valentinus was honored to learn that one of his former tribesmen, Erasmus Tycho, earned the position of Captain, bringing his desperate people much honor. The desire to call these larger than life figures “Battle Brother” gave Valentinus a reason to harden his body…to be chosen as one of them.

Valentinus Clario was given his chance; recruited as an Aspirant from amongst those on Baal Secnundus; the recruiting contests are held at Angel’s Fall (the place where Sangunius was found as an infant.) He performed valiantly, traversing the vast ,hostile desert infested with Fire Scorpions and thirstwater. While these perils claim many youths, Valentinus reached the place of Challenge where the gladiatorial contests are held., One of the fifty victors chosen he was taken to the stronghold of the Blood Angels on Baal itself. Observing a vigil for 72 hours without rest, Valentinus was offered a chalice (rumoured to contain a small portion of Sangunius’s own blood) by the Sanguinary Priests. After partaking it, he fell into a coma and was entombed by the Blood-Servitors inside the caskets of the Hall of the Sacrophagi along with his fellow aspirants. He remained there for a full year, in full care of the casket’s life-support systems, while injected with blood of the Sanguinius. Many died, incapable of bearing the vast changes wrought upon them by the gene-seed; others wake up too early and grew insane from their dark and claustrophobic existence. The ones who completely adapted, however, become the newest additions to the chapter. And so Valentinus Clario was reborn as a Son of Sanguinius.

It was during his training as a new recruit that his latent psyker abilities manifested. Scrutinized to see if his mental strength can endure and fend off entities of the warp, Valentinus was deemed worthy to join the Librarius to hone his psychic training under the instruction of Epistolary Calistarius. Once he was ready to see combat action, as luck or fate would have it, Valentinus was assigned to Third Company and Sergeant Tycho’s squad. He also learned to keep the Red Thirst at bay and watched how Sergeant Tycho’s grasp of it was slowly slipping.

The Third Company w/ Valentinus was battled in near suicidal campaigns against Hive Fleet Behemoth and the Genestealers aboard the Cult of Damnation (mainly due to Sergeant Tycho’s battle plans and his losing grip on sanity). Valentinus fought ruthlessly, with both power staff and mind; an inspiration to his battle brothers. In the midst of battle, he saw Sergeant Tycho slowly begin to fall to the Black Rage ; his heart sank (for the Blood Angels and his old tribe) but harkening him to fight on like an unmatched living tempest.

Valentinius knew that though Sergeant Tycho’s will was strong, his days before succumbing were numbered. Valentinus chronicled Tycho’s many valiant moments; in various mediums of art the Blood Angels are trained in. Galan Machiavi, Tycho’s second, perceived the talented Battle Brother’s troubled heart. Fearing a similar fate for Valentinius he requested Sergeant Tycho recommend him for Deathwatch duty to the Captain; to not only clear his head, but also to assist with his experience with the Tyranids, to learn other Xeno fighting techniques…and to bring further honor to his tribe.

Valentinus Clario

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