Know Thy Enemy, Destroy Thy Enemy

Mission 2 Part 3 - Infestation of Aurum

Thought for the Day: A prison is only as strong as its weakest gaoler

The Caele has been justly and rightly impressed by the results of our Trial, though how could he not be given the spectacle that we presented to the people of Haistand upon our triumphant return from the Reaving Canyon. Clad only in loincloths and handling primitive weapons out of some ludicrous epic poem, we fought and killed the Diablodon. My initial findings on the creature, as well as the results of some preliminary testing and my observations of the butchering of the beast by the locals are appended (Ancillary Material: Diablodon Necropsy, Diablodon Notes, Diablodon Findings, Theratryx Necropsy, ). At Brother Vilhjamhr’s suggestion, the hide of the beast is being fashioned to adorn our armour. While I find such displays distasteful and barbaric, I cannot but think that the locals will approve. What our Watch Captain will think of this, I am at a loss to guess, but Vilhjamhr assures me that Brother-Captain Hamilcar will be impressed with our trappings.

We have gathered a great amount of information, including knowledge of where Sister Racquiel became infected, but let us begin with a complete accounting of facts for further diagnosis of the infestation on Aurum.

Primus – We have discovered that the ‘Malissector’ menace is, indeed, a menace of Xenos classification. The classification has been confirmed by our report as Tyranid, sub-species Genestealer. Detailed information on Xenos phsyiology and complete necropsy of creatures killed in the incident at the Black Pits Penal Colony are appended. With confirmation comes action. The Caele, in recognition of our success in overcoming the trial and returning to the city with the entire corpse of the Diablodon, has granted us a free hand to deal with the Infestation as we see fit.

Secondus – The Caele has been attempting to quarantine several settlements whose behaviours have changed radically over the past few months. The centre and source of these changes appears to be the city of Grensvayl. It has become apparent that the Genestealer infestation likely had its genesis in this city and has been spreading its corrupting tendrils out from there since its inception. The Caele understands the danger of the Infestation, though its scope and truth were hidden from him. The fact that he has become more trusting of our Imperial forces will do him credit in the future.

Tertius – The Caele has been quarantining persons believed to be infected in a penal barracks called the Black Pits. Apparently they harvest Prometheum in these pits, likely for use in siege warfare as they have no technological uses for the substance. The prison is run by an Aurum named Karthun. Additional information on the Prison Colony and our findings there have been appended.

Quartus – Sister Racquiel has apparently been in contact with the prisoners, having sneaked away to perform her ministrations on them and grant them succour. Though it pains me to criticize one whose devotion and adherence to the more gentle persuasions of the Imperial Creed, I must perforce admit that her actions, though foolhardy, provided the impetus for our investigation. Had the Sister not been engaged on her foolish errands of mercy it is likely that Aurum would have fallen from within.

Heuristic parse dictated that we investigate the Black Pits first due to its proximity to the city, and so we accompanied one of the groups of prisoners down to the penal colony. As we attempted to begin an examination of the prisoners to determine the extent of the infection, we were beset by both Xenos and Guards led by Kathun. The Genestealers charged viciously at us, dealing grave wounds to Brothers Vilhkamhr and Teporus, however Brother Angus plunged from the sky in a jet of fire and fury to smash the Xeno filth flat. My Brothers quickly dispatched the few remaining guards, and as some of the prisoners sought to escape, I fired a few rounds into them. I then launched into a speech calculated to bring Aurum further into the Imperial fold.

“I do not care who you were or how you came to be here. I do not care what has happened to you before. Who you were is gone, you belong to the Emperor now, and he shall evermore be first in your thoughts and your duty. From this day forth you will be the seeds of a new people of Aurum, you will be the Guard, and you will do your people honor and fight for the Emperor. There is no other choice.”

The Brigadier has taken possession of the prisoners and begun inducting them into his anemic Guard unit, slating his current regulars to act as sergeants to the new recruits. The Caele, though hesitant to allow the Imperials to expand their influence, seems to understand that he cannot hope to defend against this insidious threat unaided, and will allow the Guard to begin aiding in his night watches and patrols where their equipment may well help repulse any further attempts at infiltration by the Tyrannic enemy.

Kill Team Pallus has begun to gel together more thoroughly over the past few days, and I can only credit the hunt for the Diablodon as having no small part in this. Brother Vilhjamhr is the hearty laugh that keeps us all in check, livening our discussions with an earthy tone and a bonhomie that one cannot help but admire. Brother Librarian Valentinus is calm and quiet, preferring us to carry on discussion to better inform his decisions as Squad Leader, but engaging his will forcefully when called upon. Brother Teporus, dour and stern, stands like a beacon among us, daring us not to live up to his expectations. Brother Angus, mercurial and impish, sees a challenge and cannot but rise to it. Brother Heinrick… I never thought that I would find myself enjoying the company of a worshiper of the Omnissiah, but the Black Templar uses logic and reason in a way that would be a credit to my own Chapter. Amazingly, I have not felt more at home among peers even in my own Crimson Suns. On the morrow we head North to Grensvayl, and it is there that we shall meet the progenitors of this infestation and burn them out of the Emperor’s world.



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