Know Thy Enemy, Destroy Thy Enemy

Mission 2 Part 5: The Cleansing of Aurum

Thought for the Day: Purity demands sacrifice.

From the Journals of Sallust Azaleh, Kill Team Pallas Apothecary

The contents of the Heretek’s cave have been analyzed and reviewed, and I believe that Brother Heinrick will be destroying the Heretek’s equipment forthwith. While he and Brother Vilhjamhr explored the cave looking for other pieces of Heretical technology and evidence to help explain the presence of these Xenos in the Heretek’s Dekavane Crystal mine, Brothers Valentinus, Teporus, Angus and I began working out a strategy for dealing with the primary infestation at Grensvayl.

Our plan, cobbled together from the tactical doctrines of Brother Angus’ knowledge of Assault Doctrines and Brother Teporus’ knowledge of Defensive Doctrines and seasoned liberally with my own knowledge of the Liber Stellae Cruentes and Brother Librarian Valentinus’s own experience with the Hive Beasts. Brother Viljhamhr added a few notes of sage and cagey wisdom to the discussion after his analysis of the site was concluded, and Brother Librarian Valentinus adopted a plan. Brother Angus and I, as the two most fleet of our band, would proceed to the northwest of the village, using grenades and suppressive fire to draw attention towards us, while Brothers Heinrick, Vilhjamhr, Teporus, and Valentinus will move as swiftly as practicable to the stone stables in the Southeast corner of the village to create a defensive bastion from which to hold the Xenos at bay while Brother Angus and I harried the villagers and Xenos into the firing lanes for our Devastator and Tactical Marines to crush with the support of Valentinus’ Smite and Heinrick’s Flamer.

Brother Angus, apparently enraged by his earlier missteps, took to the skies on wings of flame, crashing down through the roof of one of the village outbuildings and tossing an Astartes Incendiary Grenade through the roof of the neighboring building,setting it ablaze. For my part, I blitzed across the bridge and tossed one of my Astartes Frag Grenades into the closest building. As the remainder of the Kill Team rushed to the building we dubbed strong point Camerone, after an ancient tactic in the Liber Stellar Cruentes, Xenos began threatening our flank from the orchard across the river. Brother Valentinus paused to Smite the foul beasts, giving Brothers Vilhjamher, Teporus, and Heinrick time to reach the Strongpoint, while Angus and I continued to strike at the village and sow destruction among the tainted peoples there.

Hearing the Brother Librarian’s enraged cry when the remains of the first Xeno Horde engaged him, I turned to assist, charging in and slaying several of the beasts and sending them into disarray. Brother Valentinus crushed the rest of the Tyranids while some of the merely human inhabitants tried vainly to pierce the armour of Brother Heinrick. Berserk fury appears to have overtaken Angus as he launched himself yet again into the skies to strike a ferocious blow at the tainted men of Grensvayl.

Our enemies defeated for the moment, we fell back to prepare for the second wave, and it emerged only moments after Brother Teporus began his Suppressing Fire, and Brothers Vilhjamhr, Heinrick, and Angus engulfed the orchard in cleansing flame. The Genestealers had the worst of it as they emerged from their lair into a hail of Bolter fire, promethium, and rage. They were soon decimated, and then destroyed. Several of the Xenos made it close enough to scratch me, but the Emperor’s Grace and my training saved me from another ignominious raking blow by the vile beasts. Soon, the Xenos lay dead alongside their formerly Human thralls, and the Broodlord was sent back to the foul Xenos hells that spawned it. All that remains is for us to gather samples, secure the area, complete the purge, and report our success to the Caele.

I suspect that the Watch Captain will be pleasantly surprised at our successes here, and I can only surmise that this will mean another, more difficult, task for us to complete. We would not have it any other way…



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