Know Thy Enemy, Destroy Thy Enemy

Mission 1-Recon of Sedu

Begin Mission Report
Team Leader: Watch Captain Hamilcar Shafat
Position: Commanding Officer of Kill-Team Pallas
To: Watch Commander Mordigael

Primary Objective: Investigate Ork Presence on Sedu and investigate sudden increase in Ork organization and weaponry effectiveness.
Secondary Objective: Destroy local Ork leadership.
Tertiary Objective: Obtain a sample of X-1749.

Erioch Standard Time: 0723

Planetfall on Sedu was made via Drop Pod from Deathwatch Cruiser Vigilant. Brother-Apothecary Sallust Azaleh is found to have a dislike for Drop Pods, a quirk of his Chapter. Refereed to it as being ‘shot at the planet’, and had asked where Teleportarium was. Curious contrast with Brother Vilhajnir and the Space Wolves’ known dislike for Teleportariums. Will need to investigate farther. Landed at Drop Point Theta with no incident.

Led squad, through rocky field. Squad came across two mobs of Orks (Shoota and Choppa) arguing. With cover, both groups were quickly destroyed. Brother Vicero skillfully wielded Heavy Bolter in controlling and destroying the Ork mobs, including 2 Nobs. Orks had come to investigate drop pod insertion looking for salvage. Ork presence confirmed to be inside canyons as suspected.

Erioch Standard Time: 0733

I gave decision on how to proceed to team to test consensus. Differences in personality and Chapter demeanor showed up but were resolved amicably. Decision made to proceed through canyon rather than risk falling from height.

Erioch Standard Time: 0830

Brother Techmarine Heinrich came under heavy fire from Ork ‘Lootas’ on top of cliff. Brother Vilhajnir, in an unorthodox but well-executed move, threw a Krak Grenade onto a small cliff face beneath the Orks’ position. Cliff was brought down, most Orks killed by impact, including one of the Big Meks sent to be assassinated. Big Mek kill claimed by Brother Vicero. Large dust cloud formed and the sound of an Ork voice heard nearby. Kill team encounters an Ork Squig-Herder with a large herd of Squigs. Rather than waste ammunition, Brother Heinrich launches rock (Mechanicus quirk?) at Squig Herder, picking him out. Squig Herder is dispatched, but Squigs begin to go mad. Brother Valentinus, had the brilliant idea to psychically compel the Squigs to return to their pens, leading team to Ork hideout.

Erioch Standard Time: 0925

Squigs are surprisingly fast. Central camp found and met with heavy resistance, including another Big Mek, 1 mob of Choppa Orks, 1 mob of Shoota Orks, and 1 mob of Lootas. Squigs cause great disruption and even kill some Orks. A long gun battle emerges. Fortunately, these Orks are particularly bad marksmen (for Orks). Brother Sallust destroys Big Mek with well placed Bolter Burst. Brother Vicero and myself engaged Lootas and Shootas while the rest of the squad targeted the Choppas. Brother Heinrich takes wound to head while Brother Vilhajnir takes a wound to his left leg, though neither are critical. I charge into fray to extricate squad as Vicero methodically destroys the other Hordes. Though battle is long, victory is assured. This long battle does remind me that our team still needs a melee specialist. It is unfortunate Brother Samm’uel was called away in perpetuity to the Good Samaritan incident.

Erioch Standard Time: 1113

Ork cave complex is searched. Brothers Heinrich and Sallust take possession of large sample of X-1749 found by Orks. Brothers Vicero, Vilhajnir, and Valentinus discover weapon caches and an extremely crude Ork starmap. Weapon caches are found to be mostly Tau and surprisingly new. Possibility of more direct Tau involvement a possibility. Must investigate farther.

Erioch Standard Time: 1330

Sample brought to Thunderhawk. Extraction complete with all objectives fulfilled and no loss of material. Mission Complete.

Thought for the Day: He who has nothing can still have faith.



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