Know Thy Enemy, Destroy Thy Enemy

Mission 2 Part 4 - Assault on Grensvayl

Thought for the Day: Overconfidence is the first step on the road to ruination.

Our forced march to Grensvayl was mostly uneventful, and my efforts to scout ahead of the main body of Kill Team Pallas proved routine in the main. Sadly this routine led me to violate one of the Proscriptions of Romii. The Liber Ars Stellae dictates that a scout must never be off his guard, and when in hostile territory should test choke points by striking them at the main to trigger any ambushes. I neglected this to my own detriment, and I can only thank the Emperor that my inattention to the Proscriptions did not lead to the loss of any of my Battle Brothers, though for Brother Heinrick it was a near thing indeed.

Ambushed upon the bridge into Grensvayl, I sustained heavy damage to my right leg which, had it been only marginally worse, would have hampered my ability to run back to my allies. Sadly the Genestealers were my match and more in terms of speed and I had to endure still more strikes of their horrible rending talons. Brother Hendrick roused the beasts’ ire through the use of his Flamer and earned him the attention of the vicious beasts and gave me the space to disengage and move to the line, dropping a frag grenade in my wake that dealt the Xenos a dramatic blow. Brothers Teporus and Vilhjamhr covered the enemy in bolter fire while Brother Librarian Valentinus struck a mighty blow with the force of his mind. Brother Angus, landing slightly off target, managed to get the Xenos to surround him, affording him the opportunity to slay all around him. Brother Heinrick took wounds, though nowhere near as grievous as my own, but in the end the Emperor saw fit not to punish us for my inattention, though I can only say that this is further reminder as to why I should never again be graced with command.

We crossed the bridge after taking samples and burning the remains of the beasts, and entered the outskirts of Grensvayl. As we approached the village, we noted that there was a small homestead far away from the village proper, and so we decided to investigate that building first. The occupants, who were surprised by Brother Heinrick’s use of the Kuhl’ahdiman tactic of entry through unexpected means, in this case a wall on the East side of the building, turned out to be the last survivors of the Caele’s doomed expedition to cleanse the village of Xenos taint. They confirmed the presence of the Heretek that we had been led to believe was in the area, describing him as being near a cave on the mesa. The survivors also indicated that the Master Beast, a creature that Brother Librarian Valentinus calls a Broodlord, may have been wounded in the battle with the Caele’s retainers. We decided to pursue this avenue of investigation, hoping to capture or kill the Heretek at the cave lest he escape Imperial justice and flee through the use of a spacecraft secreted in the cave.

We found a group of enthralled villagers in the cave, along with the corpse of the Heretek, and used the mining Melta to fend off a larger assault by thralls and Genestealers. Brother Angus proved himself more than their equal hand-to-hand while the rest of Kill Team Pallas provided covering fire from the cave. Our intention is to hold this ground and investigate the area as thoroughly as possible as to determine the nature of this infestation and its link to the Heretek. Brother Heinrick will also wish to perform some experiments with the dekavane crystals found in the cave.

Strange though it sounds, I find myself liking the militant Techmarine in spite of the enmity between my Chapter and the Adeptus Mechanicus and their Machine Cult. While his hatred of those gifted with Psykers by the divine will of the Emperor may put us at odds, I find him an inquisitive sort and a kindred spirit in terms of learning and exploring our environment. Still, I must take care not to trust too deeply in a man educated in the bowls of that pit of treacherous vipers known as the Cult Mechanicus.



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